About C&C

Caped and Crowned has been in the pipeline for two years, officially being founded in January 2021. Victoria Abband, C&C's Founder, is an unusual designer being a Scientist by mind and an artist at heart; her keen eye for illustration and art, Middle-Eastern heritage and love of luxury and science has formed the DNA of C&C leading her to pick up her sketching tools once again, creating a unique twist on the traditional and bringing you modern Bridal luxury. 
Her vision is to source the highest quality materials and adorn you with Crowns and Bridal Capes like you've never seen before! Our lace comes from different cultures, is embroidered with beautiful pearls and lovingly blended into a stunningly unique Bridal Cape, with a signature design to Caped and Crowned.
Hi there, Bonjour, Hola and Salâm!
I'm Victoria, the Founder and Designer of Caped and Crowned.
I guess you could call me an artistic Scientist-turned-designer! I hold a degree in Biomedical Science and a Masters in Business and Economics, working in the Medical Device Industry for almost ten years. This journey to launching C&C has been one of such love and enjoyment - to take on such a different skill set has been a pleasure. I knew I was on the right journey when British Vogue reached out to me to be part of their Bridal Campaign this spring - before I had even launched! What a wonderful way to start, I'm still pinching myself!
My heritage is English-Persian, growing up in the Middle East. My childhood is full of lovingly fond memories; the smell of Persian food cooking, the bright colours of beautiful handmade Persian rugs and the chilly, sweet-smelling mountain air where I used to run around the blossom trees with my sister, Louise. 
Watching handmade craftsmanship is a norm in Iran, from making fresh bread, to skewering up Kebab, sewing beautiful clothes and rugs. It's also no lie that Middle-Eastern weddings are some of the most beautiful in the world and all this experience is strongly embedded within me. My love for Bridal Capes started with my love of lace and I just really wanted to work with intricate and stunning lace! My promise to you is to bring you a little bit of Persian love woven through my Modern Capes and Crowns, while bringing you stunningly unique pieces for your unforgettable day, making the grand entrance you deserve to!
All the lace I work with, is of different designs and cultures, inspired by the old and ancient Gods and Goddesses, Queens and Kings of olden times. That's why you'll find all my Capes and Crowns named after these Deities! Your wedding day is your day to be King and Queen, so why not start a new tradition and choose to Cape and Crown yourself to start your legacy.
We are all Capable - if you have specific needs, I also design custom Bridal Capes and Crowns, so if you have something in mind, don't hesitate to contact me and we can make something beautiful together! All first consultations are free - and I always love a reason to sit down with friend over a cup of tea (and maybe a cake or three!). If you would like something bespoke Contact me at: Hello@capedbyvictoria.com